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A program designed to help you transform your marketing strategy.

What is Sherpa Way Scale?

Sherpa Way Scale is an elite program reserved for three clients per quarter. We take on small teams, solo entrepreneurs, and scaling startups in need of a temporary Chief Marketing Officer to help them build their marketing strategies and efforts.

Sherpa Way Scale is a 3-month commitment with the option to extend it another month to take advantage of content creation. During the program, we will assess your current metrics, goals, and offerings and work with your team to design and implement strategies that help you scale, leaving you with a sustainable roadmap, tactics, and content that your team will be able to use long after we’re gone.

WHO should apply?

Sherpa Way Scale isn't for everybody.

Sherpa Way Scale is designed for established, growing brands in need of a brand new strategy or a rehaul of their current one. This program is right for you if your business is...

Established established brand that has validated your product or service. People want what you offer.

Growing an active growth phase and has the budget & time to fully invest in these strategies.


...focused on participating in the development & implementation of the strategies we create for you.

Open to the idea of evolving and willing to let us guide you through it all with our expertise. Nobody likes change, but we promise it's worth it.

What's Included?

We have designed this 3-month program to follow a logical, optimized flow that will help us most effectively develop your brand story and marketing strategy. Here's exactly how you can expect to evolve on this transformational brand journey.

Month #1: Brand Story & Soul

During the first month, we'll work hard to find the heart of your brand, including how that relates to your services and the way in which you offer them. By the end of this month, we'll have a solid brand story & mission and a short brand bio. To help us prepare for the upcoming campaigns, we'll also have your target audience segmentation ready to go alongside the core offer we've handcrafted to help you stand out.

Month #2: Crafting a Strategy

Now, our SEO pros are quietly working away at research and creating your SEO keyword strategy, which will be used as the foundation on which we build your 3-month content plan. Then, we'll get to work using your audience segmentation, brand story, and keywords to build out your ad campaigns and landing page copy. This means we'll also start working on a short lead magnet based on your core offer in order to offer something of value to your target audience.

Month #3: Prepare for Launch

We'll now be creating the mockup for your landing page, which we'll design based on our signature conversion-optimized format. We'll also be craftily creating a 5-part email sequence for you so that you're able to follow up with your new warm leads. Then, we'll use all of this to create a launch plan & roadmap. This month will end in a 90-minute handoff call where we'll leave you with everything you need to launch your campaign successfully.

Month #4 (Optional): Content Cravings

Love everything we've done already and just want more of it? Stop it. We're blushing. Anyway...if you love it that much then we'll take advantage of the fact that all of your messaging and strategies are fresh in our minds to update your keyword strategy and create 5 SEO-optimized blogs, along with 5 followup emails. Hey, we'll even throw in a full SEO audit of your main website and a free lead magnet too.
why sherpa way scale?

We've helped others evolve and we can help you too.

We have worked with brands all over the world in helping them regain their focus, develop their unique story, and create high-converting digital strategies. We are passionate about this kind of business evolution and have developed this program to help benefit your brand in the most efficient, effective way possible.

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Enter information about your business, including your current marketing efforts, pain points, and monthly marketing budget. We'll do our research and then we'll be in touch shortly to schedule a followup call to chat about your needs and goals.

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