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We are bilingual
business addicts.

When we launched our first brand we tried, failed, corrected, and then failed some more. We became addicted to learning how to build our own business and eventually found we liked helping others build their dreams, too. We’re not just digital marketing consultants, we help bring your business to life through cohesive brand positioning and a unified message. Oh, and we’re bilingual, así que hablamos español también.

Google Ads Certified

Google Ads Certified

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Our services fall into one of four categories.


Digital Marketing Strategies

From SEO and content strategies to full digital marketing strategies, we’ll create a roadmap that will allow you to establish yourself as a top competitor in your industry.

paid traffic

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

We create personalized marketing strategies that help target your ideal customer and nurture them through unique and impactful campaigns.


Copywriting & Graphic Design

With a strategy in hand, we infuse magic into your brand through the art of storytelling. With words and images, we help bring your brand to life.


Consulting for Entrepreneurs

Our team is comprised of eager entrepreneurs with experience in building, failing, growing, and learning. We can guide you, too.

What is the Sherpa Way?

1. A sherpa is someone who knows the terrain.

Sherpas have to traverse the mountains time and time again. This means that they know the terrain like the back of their hand. They know the correct paths to take because they’ve had to learn by making mistakes. Throughout their many journeys, they have learned enough to gain expertise and knowledge that is valuable to other people. Thus, they want to share their knowledge to help others succeed.

2. Sherpas form strong bonds with their clients.

Climbing Mount Everest is no easy feat. This means that climbers have to trust their Sherpas. They spend every waking moment with their guides and form strong bonds with them. These strong bonds ensure safety and cooperation while allowing climbers to enjoy the climb themselves.

3. A sherpa is characterized by great values.

Sherpas have to maintain a positive attitude in order to ensure that climbers stay positive. Professionalism, respect, and loyalty are part of their job and they embody all of those values well. Sherpas must be flexible and resistant, always willing to take control and redirect the group when a better path opens up. They work because they truly enjoy helping climbers reach their goals, and that’s what we’re all about too.

4. Sherpas are competent.

Sherpas know the terrain, which makes them competent at what they do. They are accustomed to the altitude and the cold. They are able to transfer this knowledge and skill to their clients. Out of this competency comes suggestions, ideas, and tools that are necessary for climbers to continue ascending the mountain.

5. Sherpas never stop learning.

Each ascent is unique. There is always something new to see and learn on the way up the mountain, and Sherpas are highly aware of that. Once they reach the top of the mountain, they’re reminded of how vast this world is and how much there is still yet to learn. We fully believe in this, too. We’re constantly in pursuit of learning new techniques and strategies that can help push our clients to higher heights.


We want to help you find your brand's soul. Then, we want to help you share that with the world.

Social Media Marketing Spain

The team

It's truly so nice to meet you.

Elizabeth Thorn

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Elizabeth is passionate about using storytelling as a way to add soul to businesses.

Mario Rendón Grisales

Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

Mario is passionate about using strategy to create the building blocks of a long-term, successful businesses.

Jorge Rivera

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Jorge is passionate about developing high-converting marketing funnels for modern brands.

Kaylin Molinar

Finance & Accounting

Kaylin just like, really loves numbers.


Are you ready to evolve?

Buscas servicios de marketing digital en español?

We are a bilingual team here at Sherpa Way Marketing. If you’d like to speak to someone on our Spanish side for Spanish campaigns aimed at Latin American and Spanish markets, contact mario@sherpawaymaketing.com.

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