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Does your business need to evolve?

who we are

We specialize in helping you get more qualified traffic & leads.

SEO & Content Strategies

Drive qualified traffic to your website with our SEO experts while increasing your brand's organic online presence.
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Strategic Paid Ad Campaigns

Reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message when they are looking for what you offer.
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Compelling Copywriting

Engage your target audience with our content & copy, designed to help you find & establish your brand's soul.
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our mission

Your business has a soul. We want to help you find it.

We’re not just digital marketing consultants. We help bring your business to life through cohesive brand positioning, a unified message, and expertly-crafted content and ad campaigns.

We believe that this is at the core of what makes a truly successful brand, and that it's often the missing component in many SEO, SEM and content campaigns.

our clients

We love working with impactful brands that have unique stories and goals. More than that, though, we love watching them succeed. Our rockstar clients have been featured in...

Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
Sherpa Way Marketing Clients
fast-tracked evolution

Need help with a little bit of everything? We've got an offer just for you. Sherpa Way Scale is an acclerated 3-month program where we'll assess your current metrics, goals, and offerings and work with your team to design and implement strategies that help you scale, leaving you with a sustainable roadmap and content that your team will be able to use long after we’re gone.

what is sherpa way scale?

An exclusive program for VIP brands ready to evolve.

This 3-month program is designed to provide you with a fastracked, fully-optimized lead generation funnel that will help your business evolve to the next level.

Develop an offer that converts

We'll dial into your target audience & competitors to develop an offer that attracts & converts.

Craft a story out of your soul

Then, we'll work to get to the heart of your brand & use storytelling to shift your brand's messaging.

Create an optimized funnel

Don't worry about how you're gonna reach you goals; we'll use your offer and story to create a roadmap for you.

Prepare for a successful launch

Finally, we'll leave you with optimized strategies & content that you can use for continued success.
our process

We plan ahead every step of the way, making adjustments as you grow.

Consultation: Are we a good fit for you?
Proposal: We propose a strategy to help you reach your goals
Confirmation: Contracts & onboarding to our client portal
Soul Searching: We'll go to work to help find your brand's soul
Launch: We'll implement strategies & tactics based on your goals
Refinement: We'll refine our work & prepare you for long-term success
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Working with diverse individuals from around the world makes us
more dynamic

Mario Rendón

Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

Elizabeth Thorn

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Jorge Rivera

Content Specialist

Jesús Millano

Design Assistant
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