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Content Services

We help you develop & share your brand's story with the world.

We're all about finding and sharing your company's soul through content.

At Sherpa Way Marketing, we believe that every brand has a unique voice, a soul hidden deep within the inner workings of everyday business operations.

Our mission is to help you find, develop, and share it with the world. Whether you're looking to position yourself as a authority in your industry or connect with your ideal audience on a deeper level, we can create custom content that achieves your goals.

With our passion for storytelling and years of experience in the digital space, we'll work with you to create compelling content that speaks to the heart of your brand. Ready to go on a transformative content journey? We can guide you through this soul-shifting evolution.

Why content?

Words are the soul of your business.

The right copywriting and content creation services can position you as a unique authority in your industry. We understand the importance of creating engaging content that speaks to the emotions and needs of your target audience. With our help, you can craft a brand that is truly distinctive and stands out from the rest.

Content Creation Services
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And it’s way more than just words. Your copy is…

A salesperson that works 24 hours, 7 days a week

If you were to get the same amount of work out of a person, that would be illegal. Who’s going to be representing your brand when you call it a night or sit down for family dinner? Your web copy. Great web copy does the talking for you so when that client gets to you, the question is “when can we get started?”

How they fall in love with the idea of you

Maybe you love cold calling. I definitely don’t. Having copy that explains who you are, why you’re awesome, and how your business is valuable will completely eliminate that need for harrowing phone calls. You’ll have words that speak right to your target market and then you can throw your phone in the ocean.

The way they speak to you when you’re not there

Bad copy. We need to talk about it. It’s confusing, canned, sappy, slimy, and mildly offensive sometimes. You can leave someone with a bad taste in their mouth and all you did was type. Words are powerful and the wrong ones can mean someone clicks away before they even know what you do.

How Does it Work?

We have very distinct way of crafting compelling stories and digging deep into brands in order to cultivate a strong sense of soul. This isn't right for everybody, and we get that. We want to make sure we're right for your team and vice versa. Before we sign any contracts or start creating any content, here's what'll happen.

Book a Consultation

During our initial consultation, we'll get to know your brand, offerings, and current pain points. We'll be asking questions that will allow us to assess what kind content will serve you best.

You'll Get a Brand Questionnaire

Based on our call, we'll be able to develop an in-depth questionnaire that will help us get to know your brand ever better. We'll send it over to you for completion so we can complete the full content proposal.

Basic Content Proposal

We'll develop a short outline of a proposed content strategy, complete with a full breakdown of which content services we believe will benefit you the most. Upon your approval, we'll send over a contract so we can get started!

Signature Content Packages

When it comes to creating compelling copy, we believe it's often best to work with you individually to create a personalized strategy for success. After all, your brand is unique and the process of developing its story is too. However, these are three of our most sought after content packages to help provide you with a starting point.

Brand Story

We adhere to the StoryBrand Framework, a seven part-process that leverages the power of the Hero's Journey.
$ 875
  • 90-minute strategy session
  • Sherpa Way Soul Brand Questionnaire
  • Brand voice & competitor analysis
  • Target audience market research
  • 3 rounds of edits
  • 30-minute implementation call

Launch Copy

We'll create high-converting copy that carries you through an entire launch funnel.
$ 3,500+
  • 90-minute strategy session
  • Sherpa Way Soul Brand Questionnaire
  • Basic SEO & keyword research
  • Industry, competitor & offer analysis
  • Target audience research & segmentation
  • 1 long-form landing page (copy)
  • 6-email followup sequence
  • 60-minute implementation call


We'll infuse soul into your brand online to attract your ideal customer organically through SEO.
$ 150+
  • Basic SEO research
  • 1 focus keyword
  • In-depth topic research
  • Up to 1,200 words
  • Meta description
  • 1 round of edits

Content FAQs

A brand story is a narrative arc that describes a brand’s journey, from its origins to its present day. A brand story can be used to connect with customers emotionally, and it can be a powerful tool for differentiating a brand in a crowded marketplace.

What makes a good brand story? It should be interesting, relatable, and authentic. It should also be aspirational, showing how the brand has overcome adversity to become the success it is today. Most importantly, a brand story should be true to the brand’s core values. Your brand’s a hero that’s gone on its hero’s journey (and likely continues to do so). We want to craft and celebrate that journey in order to help your business stand out in a saturated sea of competitors.

You bet! Well, we don’t optimize everything. Brand stories, for example, don’t really need to be SEO-optimized. All of our website copy, landing page copy, blogs, and other client-facing content is optimized with hand-selected keywords, though. It’s worth mentioning that this is usually why we recommend opting for our combined SEO & content packages instead of choosing just an SEO audit or just a few blogs. The power of our strategies lies in us being able to fully dig into your brand’s content, research your competitors, and create consistent SEO-optimized content and messaging across the board.

All of our content creation is headed by our Creative Director, Elizabeth Thorn. Elizabeth has been copywriting since 2014 when she worked for a commercial video startup in Los Angeles. Since then, she’s had the honor and privilege of writing various types of copy, blogs, and articles for brands such as Bank of America, StubHub, Lonely Planet, Matador Network, Cheese, Burner, and many more.

As a graduate of the UCLA School of Film, Television & Digital Media, she’s also formally trained in film and television screenwriting (she’s even written two feature-length scripts!) and uses the basics of screenwriting structure and the Hero’s Journey to help businesses build out brand stories that attract, delight, engage, and convert. She infuses this passion for storytelling along with her years of SEO experience and training into every piece of content that passes by her (and she’s taught the team how to do so too).

You can do whatever you want with your copy! That being said…we love it when clients trust our expertise and advice and leave their content as-is. Behind the creation of your content lie years of training, mistakes, experience, courses, and mentors. We’ve invested years of our life, thousands of dollars, and even a few tears (don’t judge) in learning and honing our craft, so the content we deliver to you is designed specifically for your brand with your goals in mind. So, yes, while you can make all the edits you want, making large edits might affect results (in all seriousness, your copy is yours to do with as you please and we’re only slightly joking here; once we’ve handed off your content and all project files, you own the full rights to everything!).

The copywriting process at Sherpa Way Marketing starts with a faint idea that’s fleshed out on our strategy calls with you. This is usually the hardest part, but it’s also the most important (and honestly the most fun!).

Once we’ve developed a solid concept, it’s time to start writing those words. We’ll work to craft your copy in a way that is both compelling and persuasive.

Now that your copy is written, it’s time to revise and edit. One of our editors will perform all the standard grammar and spelling checks, but we’ll also fine-tune the messaging, sprinkle in some SEO, and make sure it’s written to attract your ideal audience.

You’ll have chances to make edits and request revisions, but once you love and approve it all, we’ll guide you through a quick implementation and followup strategy session. Then, it’s yours to publish and share with the world!

We specialize in brand stories, high-converting landing page copy, SEO-optimized blogs, and SEO web copy. However, our team has written everything from travel magazine articles and commercial video scripts to Facebook Ads copy and email sequences.

Unless you’re planning on investing in a few months of consistent blog content, we’re gonna be honest here…purchasing just one or two blogs isn’t likely to make much of an impact on your SEO or content strategy. We’ll create one-off blogs if they’re longer pillar pieces, but we aren’t in the business of selling you on services you don’t need, and you really don’t need just one or two blogs. If you think you do, let’s chat about why and see if we can help you come up with a cost-effective content strategy that’ll actually help.

Unless it’s for a unique project like an ebook, we don’t price our content services per word. Why not?

Copywriting isn’t simply about stringing together a bunch of words. It’s a process that requires time, thought, and skill (not to mention years of training and experience). Therefore, we charge based on the value that our words offer you and the impact that our content can create for your business long-term. And that’s worth a lot more than a few cents per word.

And while we’re on the subject, we want to warn you. Paying per word doesn’t really serve your business, and you should be wary of agencies that charge per word as it incentivizes them to create long, fluffy articles that have no real value or impact.

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